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Bouquet 2Uniques are the details which make your event “uniquely you.” Sure, you could use the same mass-produced place card holders that everyone and their sister used last year, but wouldn’t you rather have something that reflects your own unique personality? You could carry a handful of roses or daisies that won’t last the week, but wouldn’t it be even more awesome to walk down the aisle with a gorgeous bouquet of feathers, beads, and ribbons that you can keep forever?

Ring Pillow 1It’s hard to describe exactly what uniques are, because each one is unique! It all starts with a personal consultation, either via email, instant messenger, on the phone, or in person, wherein we get a feel for what you’re thinking, what you’re looking for, and how we can help. What colors are in your chosen palette? Are you a bigger fan of feathers, beads, or flowers? Glitzy and glam or natural and subdued? Whatever your vision, we’ll work with you to figure out a plan, then put together some mock-ups to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

Blue TutuWe can accommodate just about any size event, from intimate family gatherings to huge extravaganzas. If all you need is a bouquet and a boutonniere, no problem! If you’re looking for fifty table centerpieces, we can do that, too! And don’t forget, we don’t just do weddings. We have experience creating unique costumes for faerie festivals, renaissance faires, costume parties, and period shindigs. We can help take you from the mundane world and transform you into your wildest fantasy.

A word about pricing
Since each and every creation is completely unique, made with a unique assortment of materials and requiring various amounts of time and effort to create, it would be impossible to have a fixed set of prices. As we begin our work with you, we’ll discuss the price range you’re looking to work within, and how different design choices might affect the bottom line. In general, our uniques are priced in a “time and materials” fashion – that is to say, we charge enough to cover the cost of materials plus an hourly rate for our work.

That said, we are confident that you’ll find our prices extremely competitive. And isn’t it worth it to have an event that’s completely and uniquely you?

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