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About Us, Galleries, and Packages coming soon

The basic frame for the website all works; I’m pretty excited about that. However, I need to get the pesky content in place for the permanent pages.

You might wonder why a photography website is being set up like a blog format. There are two answers to that. The easy one is that SEO matters. While we’ll never be one of those annoying spam sites, it is important to make sure customers can find the website. By posting in a blog format, we’ll do a little better in the search rankings.

The second, and more important answer, is that we want you to know we’re here, alive, and working. As I look through other photographer’s websites, those sites seem stale to me. I don’t mean any disrespect, because it’s true that a busy photographer probably doesn’t have a lot of time to write every day. But we want you, the customer, to know that Kat and I are here, working, and doing this job.

Build Your Wings isn’t a side job, and it isn’t something we do as a hobby. This is our career and our full-time job. This is how we spend our days. And by opening the window (metaphorically) and letting you see into our days a bit, you can make a better, more informed choice about hiring us. I think that’s worth a little extra work each day.

In the meantime, feel free to drop a content and I’ll email you immediately. I’ve come to realize that at least one of our advertisements aren’t properly forward email to us. I’ll get that fixed up pretty quick.

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